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Copyright Law

Copyright Law is the intellectual possessions law, which gives surety of security of original work. The Copyright Act ensures protection against illegal use of every tangible work. In the United Kingdom, copyright is an unregistered and automatic right. There's therefore no need to submit any application forms.

When Does Copyright Apply

Copyright go into operation once particular works are produced and the nine kinds of work that benefit from the automatic protection are:
  • literature
  • articles
  • examination question papers
  • music
  • drama
  • films
  • sound recordings
  • cable programs
  • broadcasts
  • public lectures
  • published copies

  • artistic such as:
  • photos
  • diagrams
  • drawings
  • map of a building plan.
  • All these are recognized as intellectual property.
    It is somewhat like real estate, in that it can be sold, bought, inherited and transferred, though strictly with the owner's written consent.

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    Copyright Protection

    For a piece of work to have copyright protection it should result from self-intellectual sweat. In other words, you ought to have put some effort into it. You will be required to verify this if challenged, although it is not mandatory, you may help with protecting yourself by sending yourself a duplicate of your work by post and letting it remain unopened.

    The recorded delivery date stamped will show that you had your work existing on a certain date.

    In the UK, a product that is copyrighted is protected by the government and only the owner from an official source of government can reproduce it if the content or date of the work is challenged.

    This is done to enhance the owner's financial benefits and encourage lots of individuals to participate with their creativeness which will thereafter help in discovering new talents, skills and materials. Each of these eventually will be of benefit to the country.

    Service for Copyright Registration

    The service for Copyright Registration is offered by the office of intellectual possessions to keep track of the production of businesses and people for copyright ownership protection.

    Copyright registration is carried out by agents of rights or lawyers at the UK's office of Copyright. Works of writing, drama, music, video/sound recording and art are protected against unlawful translations or reproductions.

    There is a register which is maintained to enter titles and names of the work together with the full details of the publisher, author and the copyright owner. The publisher, author, owner, or any individual who wishes to get the rights of a certain product lawfully, may submit an application form with the given fee to the Copyright Registrar for entering the information of the piece of work in the Register of Copyright.

    Immediately they receive the application from the owner of their work, the registrar will then carry out enquiries and afterwards issue copyrights. Where a correction is necessary after the registration takes place, the approved individual will need to file an application.

    This is then brought into the registrar's notice who will order rectification. Inaccurate additions or omissions are then taken into consideration and changed as required. Be it a change in address, name, or some other information, it is done by the registrar also the entry is altered in the Register of copyright.

    Copyright Infringement

    Every entry in the Register of Copyrights or an amendment in terms of omission or addition in the existing entries is then brought to notice of the public by the Registrar by either placing it in the Official Gazette or any other way he finds suitable. This Copyright Act provides a wide range of group to protect its people's creativity from violation. These groups include literature, art, music, films, drama, official work, broadcasts and permit them to copy their work and present in public without the fear of plagiarism.

    Therefore, if somebody tries to misrepresent something you wrote as if they have possession of it or your copyright has been violated you can report the copyright infringement to the authority but be cautious.

    There are two simple things which may possibly damage the case. The first thing is if the individual commits the breach unknowingly, meaning that the person truly did not know you were the owner of the copyright; the second thing is if you previously permitted somebody to use work that is copyrighted with no complaint. This is recognized as acquiescence.

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